Retro 80's Arcade Video Games for your Man Cave / Office


Where we going we don’t need roads 20c

Are you ready to take a trip back in time?

Back to when TV meant only 1 channel with shows like Haasdaas, Wielie Walie, The A-Team, Knight Rider, Airwolf and Magnum PI.

Remember Atari & Commodore 64, Rubik’s Cubes, Cassettes, VHS, Rick Astley, Stone Washed Denim and Mullet Hairstyles?

Back to the Year: 1980 Something…

Time: Just after school

Destination: The corner shop where you played your favourite video game.


The R-Kade Time Machine features 3300 Classic Arcade Games all crammed into an authentic 2 player cabinet offering a gaming experience so addictive it should come with a health warning!!!

Double Dragon vs PS3

Arcade classics cannot compare technically or visually to today’s home gaming consoles. However when it comes to gameplay and longevity, the R-Kade classics though simpler, are infinitely superior. It’s no wonder that games like Double Dragon and Rygar are just as popular today as they were when first released some 30 years ago.

Though the compilation of games has a distinct retro theme, internally the R-Kade is anything but retro, powered by the latest technology and PCB architecture, intelligent software identifies and automatically rotate vertical games to horizontal format displaying them in full resolution, a unique feature never seen before in arcade video games.

The R-Kade Time Machine features a 43cm high resolution industrial LED monitor (upgradeable to 52cm), protected by a high impact tinted Plexiglas­­­ protection screen.

The R-Kade also boasts genuine arcade-spec buttons and joysticks for maximum authenticity and reliability.

Each Time Machine is ‘built to order’ allowing for optional custom branding on both cabinet and on-screen, making an already unique product a custom 1 of a kind conversation piece echoing your company’s image.

Arcade Machine with Bubblegum & 20c

We think we’ve succeeded in re-creating an authentic 80’s arcade experience, with the original arcade cabinet & the ultimate retro game collection.

However we admit it lacks the finer traits such as names carved on the side, an old Greek shopkeeper constantly asking you if you going to buy something and most importantly your parents finding you and forbidding you from returning there.


  • 1 Year Warranty

    For Your Peace of Mind

  • Free Delivery*

    Certain Parts of JHB & PTA *Table-Top Unit Only

  • 500+ Arcade Games

    All The Games You Grew Up With

  • 6 - 12 Months to Pay

    VISA & MATERCARD Accepted


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