The statement above from GAME OVER’s brand ambassador Sir Richard Branson echo’s our Value Proposition: Freeing the kid inside – 1 game at a time

We are a game dev company specialising in ARCADE video game development.
Our flagship product the R-Kade Time Machine featuring 3300 all-time classic retro arcade games is supplied to Corporate Chill Lounges and Home Game Rooms / Mancaves.
GAME OVER is the first port of call for event and marketing companies, interior designers and film & television production houses.

GAME OVER is now a dedicated online company.

We subscribe to TOYOTA’S ‘Just In Time’ principles: To make only What is needed, When needed, in the Amount needed. This improves our process efficiency by eliminating waste such as warehousing, cost of storing inventory and transportation from factory to retail. Supplying directly from factory to client enables us to pass the saving in-between on to you.

JIT = online company = no expensive office, showroom & warehouse = significant savingĀ  = saving passed onto customer.

Since GAME OVER’s inception in 2004 we have 100’s of satisfied corporate and private clients on our books the majority of whom were acquired through unsolicited referrals from previous clients. This is a testament to our quality of product and high service levels.

Our target market is the almost 40 year old guy who grew up in the 80’s playing arcade video games 20c a time at the neighbourhood corner shop.
He’s got the entire DVD series collection of the A-Team, Knight Rider and most other TV classics he grew up watching. He’s downloaded the entire ‘Best of the 80’s’ & ‘That’s What I Call Music’ series to his iPod.

But the final piece of the 80’s puzzle is the corner shop video game experience that until now was unavailable.

He may be the CEO/Director of his own company or the CFO/Manager of one of the big corporates. He wants to relive the carefree schooldays of his youth and wants to share his halcyon days with both his mates and his kids whom he knows will never share his priceless 80’s gaming experience through their PS3, Xbox, iPad or Mobiles.

He orders an R-Kade Time Machine for either his home game room / man cave or for his company’s chill lounge, improving company culture and encouraging ‘play’ at work with daily mini team-building just by playing video games: Boss vs. employee in Street Fighter… PRICELESS!!